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Even before the pandemic, our society created the conditions for a public health crisis in which anxiety, depression, loneliness, and lack of meaning were pervasive.  Now that every aspect of life has been turned upside down, we are hurting more than ever. Most of us are facing separation from that which used to bring us joy. Therapy is one of the supports you can choose to help tap into inner sources of strength so you can get through these hard times.


I use Internal Family Systems and EMDR to help people process trauma, resolve internal conflicts, and heal from long standing emotional/neurobiological issues. I have experience working with the LGBTQI+ population. I am kink and poly affirming. I welcome discussions about justice, oppression, and privilege.


There's no need to face your struggles alone. I am an experienced professional who will listen and create a safe space where you can feel comfortable discussing difficult subjects. Taking the first step can be hard but you can do it! I look forward to hearing from you.

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